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ZDDPlusTM Tech Brief #6 – Diesel Oil Use in Classic and High-Performance Gasoline Engines

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Many people are pointing to diesel or heavy-duty oils as good replacements for the newer SM oils with reduced ZDDP levels. Many heavy-duty oils are sold as dual-duty oils, for both heavy-duty gasoline and diesel usage with a caveat: They are not intended to be used for vehicles manufactured after 1988 equipped with long-life catalytic converters.

An indication that the situation vis-à-vis EP (Extreme Pressure) agents in oil has […]

ZDDPlusTM Tech Brief #7 – Oil Additive Dosing and Dilution

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A common problem cropping up in discussions of oil additives is the use of incorrect dosing amounts, usually due to a misunderstanding of how dilutions and resulting concentrations are calculated. In chemical formulation (unlike cooking) the quantity of a specific atom or molecule determines its characteristics when combined with other chemicals. Since the weight of a single atom or molecule is a known quantity, we measure bulk amounts […]

ZDDPlusTM Tech Brief #8 – The Automotive and Oil Industry vs. the Aftermarket Viewpoint on ZDDP

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There are some automotive industry representatives who are addressing the “flat-tappet and ZDDP” issue by claiming the whole situation is hype, and there is nothing to worry about. Some say the ASTM Sequence III tests are adequate to ensure an oil which will pass that test will protect all flat-lifter based valve trains.

On the other side of the issue, the classic and performance car world is seeing wear […]

ZDDPlusTM Tech Brief #9 – ZDDP and Oil Filters

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Questions have been raised about the possibility of an engine oil filter trapping the anti-wear engine oil additive ZDDP, thereby reducing the value of ZDDPlusTM. The fact is for the past 60 years, ZDDP alone has been used successfully as an EP (Extreme Pressure) lubricant additive in engines with a wide range of oil filters. Common sense says this fact alone raises serious doubt that an oil filter […]

ZPlusTM Tech Brief #10 – Oil Base Stocks

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Understanding Base Stocks

Modern oils are the product of over 100 years of scientific development. The advances made in oil technology have been driven by the lubrication requirements of increasingly sophisticated machinery, such as the automobile engine. Current fully-formulated engine oils, sometimes called PCEO (Passenger Car Engine Oil), are highly-complex products. The oil inside the fancy packaging is created by blending one or more groups of base stocks with […]

ZPlusTM Tech Brief #3 – Lubrication Terminology

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The avid automobile enthusiast can often be found reading papers on engine and oil technology. As is the case with all fields of specialization, the lubrication industry has its own terminology and abbreviations. The people at ZPlus figured it would be a useful tool to have a short glossary of terminology and abbreviations, as well as links to more in-depth information as presented in our other Tech Briefs.


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