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ZDDPlusTM Tech Brief #4 – Oil & Additive Testing

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There are many laboratories and oil analysis services which offer VOA (Virgin Oil Analysis) or UOA (Used Oil Analysis). In order to correctly utilize a testing lab and ensure optimum accuracy in the results, pay attention to exactly what testing services are advertised. Laboratories, like most businesses, concentrate on a certain set of services, and have internal procedures and equipment dedicated to these services. That means if a […]

ZDDPlus™ Tech Brief #5 – Racing Oil as a Replacement for SM Oil

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The EP agent of choice in high-performance engine oil has been ZDDP for over 50 years. With modern SM oils now being formulated with reduced amounts of phosphorus in the form of ZDDP, it is logical to look elsewhere for an oil which still contains sufficient ZDDP for a classic or high-performance street car. There are some racing oils that have an amount of ZDDP which, at first […]

ZDDPlus™ Tech Brief #2 – ZDDP and Cam Wear: Just Another Engine Oil Myth?

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In the Dec. 2007 GM Techlink publication for GM dealers and technicians, GM engineer and author Bob Olree speculated that the current spate of cam and lifter failures being caused by newer oil is a myth, similar to others which have persisted in automotive mythology. He opens with the statement:

“Engine Oil Myths – Over the years there has been an overabundance of engine oil myths. Here are some facts you […]

ZDDPlus™ Tech Brief #1 – Introducing ZDDPlus

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Who is ZPlus, LLC?
ZPlus, LLC is a company formed by classic car enthusiasts to meet the needs of classic car aficionados. We have seen that the automotive industry in general is changing in response to the environmental and financial pressures of today, with little concern for the classic car industry. We are engineers and automotive technicians by trade, and bring many years of problem solving experience to the task of […]

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