About ZPlus
ZDDP Oil Additives & Cam Assembly Lube

ZPlus, LLC is a company formed by classic car enthusiasts to meet the needs of classic car aficionados. We have seen that the automotive industry in general is changing in response to the environmental and financial pressures of today, with little concern for the high-performance and classic car industry.

We are engineers and automotive technicians by trade, and bring many years of problem solving experience to the task of keeping our classic cars operational and running better than new. We hope one of the solutions we have designed for our own use will meet your needs as well. We have developed ZDDPlus™ to address the need of classic car owners for oil that will meet the specifications of the original oil for which their engines were designed.

ZPlus was started by engineer Richard Clark, who since the early 1990’s has owned and operated one of the US’s largest Turbo Buick shops, at which he hosts the yearly Turbo Buick Nationals event. In the late 1990’s and early 2000’s he noticed that there was an increasingly frequent occurrence of cam and lifter failure. Research and testing proved that it was due to the diminishing amount of ZDDP in post-API SJ oils. Along with engineer Howard Hoyt, they formulated a ZDDP additive which conclusively solved the cam and lifter wear issue. Increasing demand from the Turbo Buick community dictated marketing the product more widely, and ZDDPlus™ was born as the first product of its kind. Since then, many imitation products have come to market, usually at cut-rate pricing, but be cautious, our testing shows ZDDPlus™ to be a superior and unique formulation of ZDDP additive compared to any other on the market.

Don’t invest in false economy with an imitation, buy ZDDPlus™, the original and still the best.

ZPlus, LLC is continuing its mission to bring functional problem-solving products to the automotive market. Engine builders will be pleased to know we have formulated a special break-in and assembly lubricant which is designed specifically for flat cam and lifter applications; ZPaste™. ZPaste™ was designed to address the concerns of racing engine builders who were experiencing premature cam failure on high-performance engines, but it is by far the best cam assembly lubricant for general-purpose use as well.

We are now researching the next generation of anti-wear additives and other products, so check back soon for updates!

Hear From Our Customers

We use ZPlus on all of our Flat Tappet built motors.

Ron Hutter , Hutter Race Engines

ZDDPlus is the best insurance to protect your classic or high-performance flat-tappet engine!

“Big Daddy” Don Garlits, NHRA’s #1 Drag Racer of All Time