Keep Your Hot Rod’s Engine in Mint Condition With ZDDPlus™

Your classic car means everything. You patiently restore every part, turning a vintage automobile into a gorgeous hot rod that inspires admiring whistles from onlookers. As an experienced car collector, you treat your vehicle’s engine as more than simple automotive hardware; it’s the lifeblood that keeps your 1969 Boss 429 Mustang or 1966 Shelby 427 Cobra running in peak condition.

You always give your classic car the tender care it deserves. So do we. ZDDPlus™ is a precision zinc oil additive that offers optimum protection for high-performance classic engines.

Expertly Designed With Classic Car Engines in Mind

Premium lubricants have always contained unique engine oil additives designed for important engine components. Heat stabilizers, anti-foam additives, detergents, dispersants and anti-corrosion additives work harmoniously to safeguard engines from ash and contamination.

ZDDPlus™ gives your classic car the zinc and phosphorus lacking in today’s oils, geared directly to top-quality older car engine maintenance. Enjoy smooth cam shaft break in and incredible performance every day afterwards. With ZDDP in additive form, you have complete control over your preferred oil for optimum viscosity and lubrication.

Trust Classic Car Enthusiasts for Hot Rod Engine Protection

Creating a way to safeguard your vehicle’s engine isn’t just an interesting side project for us – like it is for many oil manufacturers – it’s what we’re passionate about. As fellow car collectors, we love the roar of an engine in peak condition. Your vintage automobile deserves the best; use ZDDPlus™ to give it optimum protective lubrication.

Check out our car collector white papers for tech specs showing the benefits of ZDDPlus™ for classic cars with flat-tappet lifters. For additional tips and questions, contact our experienced Z DD Plus staff at 650-409-7587 or by using our online form.


The Best ZDDP Oil Additive & Cam Assembly Lube

ZDDP Performance from ZDDPlus

ZDDPlus is the original, best researched and documented cam wear solution available.

zdd oil additive information

ZDDPlus™ is an oil supplement that contains very high concentrations of the well-known additive ZDDP (Zinc Dialkyl Dithiophosphate), which has been the primary EP (extreme pressure) ingredient in all quality motor oils for over 70 years. Learn more why ZDDP is critical for your vehicle in our FAQs

ZDDP Perfect for Classic Cars

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ZDDPlus™ ZDDP Oil Additive

ZDDPlus™ ZDDP Oil Additive

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ZPaste™ Cam Assembly Lube

ZPaste™ Cam Assembly Lube

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Why Is ZDDP Essential for Classic Car Engines?

Put simply, modern cars and camshaft systems are built differently than the masterpieces of the 1940s–1970s. Today’s vehicle manufacturers use roller lifters instead of flat-tappet lifters because of emissions and profit concerns. Roller lifters have lower friction variables, so modern oil formulations contain minimal ZDDP. They’re great for today’s everyday automobiles, but lead to serious risks for classic car engine longevity.

A big part of driving a vintage vehicle means preserving its factory parts and original performance specs. Having a source of additional zinc and phosphorus in classic car motor oil is vital.


Hear From Our Customers

Ron Hutter Hutter Race Engines

We use ZPlus on all of our Flat Tappet built motors.

Ron Hutter , Hutter Race Engines
“Big Daddy” Don Garlits

ZDDPlus is the best insurance to protect your classic or high-performance flat-tappet engine!

“Big Daddy” Don Garlits, NHRA’s #1 Drag Racer of All Time

What is ZDDP?

ZDDP stands for zinc dialkyl dithiophosphate. This compound has significant engine protection characteristics, especially for high-performance motors. ZDDP coats flat-tappet lifter and cam contact points with a durable shield that protects their ductile underlying metal. To guarantee long and healthy engine life, keeping these contact points safeguarded against friction, wear and damage is critical. ZDDP is considered the gold standard for collectors’ engine protection.

Superior in Every Way

Zinc and phosphorus in modern oils amount to a mere 600 or 800 ppm. By adding the proper amount of ZDDPlus™ you will be able to give your camshafts and lifters the correct amount of ZDDP they were designed to operate with, ensuring an optimum coating for long-lasting engine performance.

  • Far superior to modern engine oil, with better viscosity control than racing oil.
  • More available anti-wear ZDDP than diesel oils.
  • Proprietary blend of ZDDPs for maximum protection
  • Carefully balanced for premium results.